OLIP meets customer needs maximizing fabless function and strong network cooperation.

OLIP Strengths

Activity content of Technical center

OLIP field of expertiseSupport and procurement for customer’s manufacturing

Activity and business content


  • Proposal of method and shape for satisfied function
  • Product design, Mold design, Jig design
  • Digitalization for trial production process

    Resin flow analysis for injection molding product ← CAE soft Moldex3D
    Curvature deformation measurement for injection molding product and casting ← Non-contact 3D scanner VL300
    Thermography measurement when injection molding and casting ← Digital thermography FLIR-CPA-E6XT
    For injection molding product, molding condition diversion when transfer from trial to mass production, and validation using equipment above.

  • VE proposal


  • Short delivery term trial production

    3D printer forming, Casting under vacuum, Cutting (resin, metal)
    Simple injection molding, Simple die casting, Sand・Plaster casting

  • Mold and mold parts

    Injection mold, Semiconductor mold cavity, Carbide punch

  • Equipment parts

    Can making welded products, Cutting process products (speedy and cheaply for small quantity・large variety)

  • Overseas procurement including risk management

    For example, resin flow analysis for injection molding product

Support case

Design support and resin flow analysis for injection mold

  • Proposal of appropriate mold structure that satisfies drawing demand
  • Optimization for mold design by comparative analysis

Leak test (Leak jig design・produce ・testing)

  • Production and test for simple and low-cost jig
  • Provision of test result related to the work

Procurement case

Short delivery term trial product

3D printer forming parts・Casting under vacuum parts ・Cutting process parts

  • Provision of 3D printer product high value-added
  • Procurement for low-cost and short delivery term trial product

Equipment parts

Can making welded products ・Cutting process products for small quantity ・large variety

  • Procurement for equipment parts including painting

Trial production by simple mold

Simple injection molding products

  • Optimization for QCD by overseas procurement
  • Optimization for quality by CAE

Simple die casting product

  • procurement for low-cost and short term delivery trial product


Injection mold

  • Mold that decides the quality of molded item

Semiconductor mold cavity

  • Procurement for low-cost and high-quality mold parts

VE case

Fixing plate and nut

VE circumstance

Past method
Welding whole circumference of hexagon nut on the plate(press product)
1st step VA
Stop welding the whole circumference →Welding the 3 points on the plate with necessary strength
2nd step VA
Welding 3 points → Press fitting new shape nut to the plate


  • Reduction for person-hour
  • Being able to press-fitting with plated item
  • Being able to fit to M16

Nut : machining → press work

VA circumstance

Past method
Production by machining
External shape production by heading and press work + machining (only thread)


  • Reduction for person-hour
  • Reduction for material

Fixing lever and pin

VA circumstance

Past method
Welding the lever and the pin. Inserting the straight pin to the lever hole. Welding the backside.
Press fitting the lever and the pin
Improving the shape to the hole and the stepped pin


  • Reduction for person-hour
  • improving the fixing of lever and pin
  • Reduction for person-hour of process maker