OLIP meets customer needs maximizing fabless function and strong network cooperation.

Initiatives of OLIP

Corporate social responsibility

We aim for integration of business philosophy and ISO9001 / 14001 based on the company philosophy, and we work to inherit rich and beautiful earth to the next generation through our business activities.

Based on the following guidelines, we commit the responsibility for sustainable society as a corporate citizen driving forward the low compliance, respect for the human rights and environmental activities.

CSR guidelines

  1. We provide the solution and product with originality and creativity to develop and helpful and safety products, and we acquire the satisfaction and trust from clients.
  2. We comply with the related lows and merchandise the fair and transparent deal appropriately. We keep the normal relationship with politics and administration appropriately.
  3. We thoroughly protect and management information such as personal information and clients information.
  4. We comply with labor-related laws and assure the comfortable working environment considering the human rights.
  5. We drive forward the activities for the environmental issues proactively as a required business activities.
  6. We disconnect and does not have any relationship with a member of any antisocial group.
  7. We deal with the globalization, comply with the lows in subject area, respect the human rights including the international norm, do activities considering the culture and customs and contribute to social development in subject area.
  8. When happening the matters against this guidelines, we work on investigation to resolve the matters and prevention for recurrence.
  9. We drive forward the activities of CSR toward our supplier.