OLIP meets customer needs maximizing fabless function and strong network cooperation.

Company information

Company history

1957.5 The first president Kiyoshi Ozawa founded as a distributor of NITTOSEIKO in Futatsuido-Cho, Minami-Ku, Osaka-City (Current Chuou-Ku, Osaka-City).
Started sales for cross-head screw.
1959.2 Reorganized to Ozawa Shokai CO., LTD and moved the head office to Kyuzaemon-Cho, Minami-Ku (Current Chuou-Ku, Osaka-City).
2 million JPY capital.
1962.3 Capital increased to 4 million JPY.
1964.11 Capital increased to 8 million JPY.
Established cock warehouse at user.
1967.10 Built a new warehouse, employee dormitory at Yamasaka-Cho Higashi sumiyoshi-Ku.
1968.4 Established Yaita Office.
1969.5 Established Hiroshima Office.
1970.3 Moved the head office to current Nagai, Sumiyoshi-Ku, Osaka-City.
1977.2 Installed computer at head office.
1972.3 Established Tottori Office.
1976.10 Capital increased to 9.6 million JPY.
1977.2 Sei Ozawa was inaugurated as president.
1977.3 Computer connected on-line between head office and sales offices.
1977.7 Established Shimane Branch.
1979.3 Established Fuchu Branch.
1980.10 Capital increased to 19 million 2 hundred thousand JPY.
1982.5 25th anniversary of founding, new office building and 3D automatic warehouse were completed.
1983.3 Established Kasai Branch.
1983.7 Established Higashihiroshima Branch.
1984.8 Established Kyoto Branch.
1985.5 Completed new office building and warehouse of Tottori Office.
1985.1 Separated Vehicle equipment department, and established Shinko CO., LTD
1986.8 Completed new office building and warehouse of Kasai Branch.
1987.5 Integrated Hiroshima Office and Higashihiroshima Branch, moved office and warehouse.
1987.7 Capital increased to 48 million JPY
1989.4 Changed company name to OLIP CO.,LTD.
1992.4 Promoted Kasai Branch, Fukuyama Branch to offices.
1992.5 Completed new office building and warehouse of Hiroshima Office.
1993.6 Established OLIP SINGAPORE PTE.,LTD.
1999.5 Hideki Ozawa was inaugurated as president.
2004.8 Established Mie Office.
2006.12 Completed Himeji Office, moved Kasai.
2007.9 Moved Kyoto Office to Shiga, and named Shiga Office.
2010.4 Re-established Kasai Office.
2012.2 Established PT.OLIP&WIRE METAL (INDONESIA).
2012.12 Established OLIP TRADING (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.
2015.4 Moved Shiga Office to Nagoya, and named Nagoya Office.
2016.4 Integrated Shiga Office to Head Sales Office, and closed Shiga Office.
2016.4 Established Technical Center in Himeji-City, Hyogo.
2020.4 Established Kanto Office, and integrated with Yaita Office.
Placed Yaita Office as Yaita warehouse for logistic base of Kanto Office.